Gifting to Children

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Gifting to Children Written By: Kevin Reardon, CFP® We have frequent conversations with clients about giving money to their children. There are many considerations and constraints that go with this topic, so let’s look at a few scenarios. Gifting Limits The government limits the amount of money you can give to another person each year.…

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Happily Irrelevant

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Happily Irrelevant Written By: Kevin Reardon, CFP® In speaking with a couple who retired a few years ago, they commented they are ‘happily irrelevant’. That interesting comment couldn’t be left unquestioned, so I asked a follow-up question and sat back to learn more. They explained during their working years they both had leadership positions in…

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Financial Planning and Family Values

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Financial Planning and Family Values Written By: Kevin Reardon, CFP® We all know that financial planning is more than just discussions about investments or retirement planning. It brings together complex issues like taxes, insurance, estate planning, charitable giving, and education funding into a cohesive plan. But good financial planning can go even further and seek…

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Financial Planning for Widows

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Financial Planning for Widows Written By: Kevin Reardon, CFP® The fairytale begins with two young people falling in love and getting married. Children follow soon after and life is wonderful. You work hard and build a life together. Seasons come and go, children grow up and get married and life marches on. All the while,…

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