Fee-Only Investment Management Services

You’ve worked hard to save and accumulate assets throughout your life. However, your asset values fluctuate and you’re not certain you’re on solid ground with your investment plan. You also might be worried the next market correction will erase a significant portion of your wealth.

Our Shakespeare Team can help.


Understand Your Financial Plan

At Shakespeare, we take a uniquely holistic approach to our investment management services. Your investments don't exist in a vacuum, which means we must first understand the other components of your financial plan— taxes, retirement, income, insurance, estate and other financial goals—before we structure your investment plan. Both components must be designed to work together for effective wealth management.


Maximize Returns & Mitigate Risk with Robust Trading Software

Beginning with academic research, our registered investment advisors employ four factors of return—which have been proven to add value through every market cycle—so you can maximize returns while mitigating risk.

Harnessing robust trading software, we employ a sophisticated rebalancing strategy that's implemented consistently throughout the year to take advantage of market volatility as it happens (rather than rebalancing on a calendar basis). This system allows us to best monitor and implement our strategy and disciplines.

Fee-Only Investment Management Services

Because we are a fee-only firm, our financial advisors can search for investments that exactly fit your needs. Our goal is to help you get the lowest cost and highest value investment funds available.

By focusing on strategies that have been proven to work overtime for high-income individuals ($1 million+ in investable assets), we have eliminated the guessing game that goes with investing, allowing us to become one of the most trusted investment management advisors in the Milwaukee & Lake Country areas.

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