Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Retirement Planning Services

For years you’ve dreamed of retirement, when your time will truly be your own. Whether you enjoy traveling the world, volunteering, spending time with grandchildren, or simply tending to your garden, retirement is what you’ve been working toward your entire life.


A Comprehensive Financial Plan

Retirement planning isn’t a one-time event; it’s a journey we take with you to ensure financial security when you retire. We start by creating a comprehensive financial plan to create an understanding of your current situation.

By harnessing decades of experience and cutting-edge retirement planning tools, we will help you achieve peace of mind as we navigate complex areas that include Social Security, Medicare, tax and estate planning, investments and more.


An Efficient Income Replacement Plan

At retirement, we’ll create an income replacement plan that efficiently draws from your assets and provides the means to live your dreams. This plan is coordinated with your tax plan, Social Security and pension income, Medicare premiums, insurance needs, financial goals and more. When you have worked your entire life to build a nest egg and now want to live off those assets, it’s imperative that you have a financial partner with the experience to make your dreams a reality.

The Shakespeare Difference

There is a reason our retirement planning services are among the most trusted in the Milwaukee & Lake Country areas for high-income individuals and families ($1 million+ in investable assets). Here are a few of the benefits we provide:

  • Financial planning is the core of our business. We look holistically at your entire financial situation, not just your investments.
  • We are fiduciary advisor, which means we will give you unbiased advice.
  • We have a deeper level of technical competence than most financial planners. That translates into better advice when planning for your future.
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