Death Of A Loved One

Financial Planning for End of Life & After the Death of a Loved One

As you get older, you need a trusted advisor who will walk with you through the golden years and stand by you at the end of your life. We ensure your estate plan is integrated into your financial plan, and then properly implemented when you are gone. Much like your retirement plan, inheritance planning isn’t a one-time event, but rather a journey we take alongside you.

As we transition to helping your family navigate various financial issues, we go the extra mile to ensure that your wishes are carried out and the best financial outcomes occur. If your financial affairs are in order, your family can concentrate on the grieving process and supporting each other.

For Family Members

If your loved one has had a sudden change of health and death is imminent, several steps can be taken to prepare for the inevitable. It is imperative that you notify Shakespeare if your loved one is in the final stages of life so we can take necessary action.

The initial stages of losing a loved one are emotionally taxing, which makes important decisions, especially financial ones, much more difficult. We have outlined the important steps to undertake immediately after a loved one passes away. Assets (real estate, businesses, etc.) should be safeguarded as soon as possible. Credit cards should be cancelled right away. Establishing the pressing financial priorities makes planning much easier during this difficult time.

The Shakespeare Difference

Because Shakespeare develops close relationships with our clients, we understand the personal issues that come along with losing a loved one. This helps us anticipate the financial issues that need attention. We are committed to our clients, even after they are gone.

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