Family Discussions During the Holidays

Family Discussions

Written By: Kevin Reardon, CFP® Family Finances & Holiday Cheer The holidays are here and it’s time to get together with those you love the most. We can all picture the scene – the front door opens and people pour in. The family is together again. Perhaps your special guests include adult children, grandchildren, parents,…

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Estate Planning at Different Stages of Life

By Kevin Reardon CFP® Different Life Stages Require Different Types of Estate Planning When I started my career, there was an overriding belief that Estate Planning was just for ‘rich people.’ As the years progressed, the industry recognized that ‘old people’ are prime candidates for planning too.  I could write a satirically funny article on how…

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Legacy and Traditions

Blog Legacy And Traditions 7.19

From Family Traditions to Legacy My father was an avid fisherman.  To satiate his hobby, and to appease my mother, my brothers and I tagged along on his fishing excursions.  When I was not yet five years old, he began an annual tradition of taking us fishing in Canada.  In 1981 we went to a new ‘fishing camp.’ …

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