How Should You Pay for Long-Term Care?

Money and Pills

How Should You Pay for Long-Term Care? Written By: Ryan Rink, CFP®, ChFC®, CLTC® As financial advisors, we often get asked how clients should go about paying for long-term care expenses. There is not one broad answer that applies to everyone, so we will run through a variety of different funding options. Self-Funding Self-funding, or…

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Taxes and Consumption

Taxes And Consumption

Taxes and Lifestyle – Competing Forces With tax season behind us, I figured now is a great time to write an article related to taxes. Writing about tax strategies is always topical, but we’ve done that before (visit our blog for awesome posts), plus we cover all applicable strategies in our client meetings.  Rather, I…

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Medicare and Social Security for 2016

Confused Business Man Photo

Clearing up some of the confusion… by Andrea Bulen If you are currently receiving Social Security benefits you have likely heard that you will NOT be receiving a raise next year. However, if you are also enrolled in Medicare Part B this means that Medicare premiums will NOT increase next year. This is due to…

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