Your Portfolio During Volatility and Inflation

Written By: Nick Ziarek, CFP® , CFA After markets set record highs the first few days of 2022, they have been on a steady decline. The new year ushered in a renewed focus on inflation. The government’s most common inflation measure is the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which pushed through 7% in January and hit 7.87%…

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Non-Cash Donations to Charity


Written By: Brian Ellenbecker, CFP®, EA, CPWA®, CIMA®, CLTC® Purpose and legacy have long been important considerations for many people as their wealth increases over time. You want to feel good by doing good, all while making sure your money goes as far as possible. There are many tax-advantaged ways to donate that are beneficial…

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Donating Appreciated Stock vs. Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution

By Brian Ellenbecker CFP®, EA®, CPWA®, CIMA®, CLTC® Donating Appreciated Stock vs. Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution – which option is right for you? For charitably inclined individuals, there are an abundance of options available to donate money to charity while also maximizing the tax benefit.  Two of the most popular options are donating appreciated stock and…

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What are RMDs and How do They Impact my Taxes?

What Are RMDs And How Do They Impact My Taxes

What are RMDs? The IRS forces you to begin taking distributions from your IRAs and other retirement accounts at age 70 ½ (don’t ask me where they came up with the ½ a year). These are called Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).    These must be taken from any and all retirement accounts.  If you are still…

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