Tax Filing After Loss of a Loved One

Calculator with tax return

Tax Filing After Loss of a Loved One Written By: Brian Ellenbecker, CFP®, EA, CPWA®, CIMA®, CLTC® Losing someone close to us is one of the most challenging times we face. If you are one of the people charged with helping sort out the deceased person’s affairs, it can be a time of added stress.…

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Financial Planning for Widows

Old woman with hands across lap

Financial Planning for Widows Written By: Kevin Reardon, CFP® The fairytale begins with two young people falling in love and getting married. Children follow soon after and life is wonderful. You work hard and build a life together. Seasons come and go, children grow up and get married and life marches on. All the while,…

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The “Right” Way to Add Adult Children to Your Bank Accounts

Right Way To Add Adult Children To Bank Accounts

By Brian Ellenbecker CFP®, EA®, CPWA®, CIMA®, CLTC® There actually is a “right” (and a “wrong”) way to add adult children to your bank accounts It’s a scenario we see often—an older adult wants to add one of their adult children to a bank account.  Typically, it is done for convenience purposes in case something…

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Taxes and Consumption

Taxes And Consumption

Taxes and Lifestyle – Competing Forces With tax season behind us, I figured now is a great time to write an article related to taxes. Writing about tax strategies is always topical, but we’ve done that before (visit our blog for awesome posts), plus we cover all applicable strategies in our client meetings.  Rather, I…

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