Revocable Trusts: Fact vs. Fiction

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Recently, Rebecca Simoni, a Shareholder in von Briesen & Roper’s Trusts and Estates Section, wrote a great article on revocable trusts. A revocable trust is a commonly used estate planning tool, especially for higher net worth families or more complicated situations. If included in your estate plan, the revocable trust becomes the core document used…

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Happily Irrelevant

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Happily Irrelevant Written By: Kevin Reardon, CFP® In speaking with a couple who retired a few years ago, they commented they are ‘happily irrelevant’. That interesting comment couldn’t be left unquestioned, so I asked a follow-up question and sat back to learn more. They explained during their working years they both had leadership positions in…

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Leveraging the Flexibility of 529 Plans

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Leveraging the Flexibility of 529 Plans Written By: Brian Ellenbecker, CFP®, EA, CPWA®, CIMA®, CLTC® 529 plans have quickly become the vehicle of choice for families saving for education goals. Tax-free growth, a state tax deduction and ease-of-use are some of the main features that have led to their popularity. Fortunately, Congress has been very…

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What is Happening with Inflation?

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What is Happening with Inflation? Written By: Nick Ziarek, CFP®, CFA Inflation is everywhere you look: airfares, dining out, groceries (both in the form of price and shrinking packaging), and probably most noticeably at the pump. The most recent inflation number was 8.5% for May, the highest point since December 1981 when inflation was 8.9%.…

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