Kevin Reardon, CFP®

Founder & CEO

Expert Financial Planner and Strategist to High Net Worth Individuals and their Families

Kevin Reardon, CFP® has been helping high net worth clients achieve their financial goals for over 30 years. Developing a one-to-one relationship with clients is Kevin's unique skill and the reason he started Shakespeare Wealth Management in 1999.

Placing an emphasis on developing close relationships is what allows him and his team to better help clients through key transition points in life, such as retirement, selling a business, losing a loved one, divorce or inheritance. He finds planning for and successfully guiding his clients through these moments rewarding; but finds the most reward in ensuring a client's legacy continues to bear fruit long after they're gone.

Kevin graduated from Marquette University with specialties in Finance and Economics. He uses his financial expertise to serve his community. Kevin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, is the past President and Chairman of The Financial Planning Association of Wisconsin and is an active member in WICPA and NAPFA.

Kevin is happily married and has three grown boys in their 20s who are his pride and joy. He is an avid (rabid?) traveler, preferring remote and far-flung destinations. He is a semi-professional weekend landscaper and has frequently been accused of planting too many trees and spending too much time on his lawnmower. When not traveling and landscaping, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, skiing, boating, working out, and being outdoors.

Financial Specialties

  • Business Owners
  • Inheritance
  • Generational Wealth

Financial Certifications

  • CFP® 
  • 2017 Vistage Inspirational Leader of the Year Award

Volunteer Organizations:

  • Life’s Connection - Board Member
  • Children’s Hospital Planning Giving Council - Board Member
  • Jesuit Nation
  • Vistage/TEC
  • St. Charles Church in Hartland - Active Member

Favorite Outdoor Hobbies:
Lifelong Skier & Professional Lawnmower Operator


Outdoor cats that love to play with mice and chipmunks - Carrots, Tigger and Shyla


Favorite Beaches:
Barbuda, Antigua, St. Croix, Grenadines


Favorite Travel Destinations:
Caribbean beaches, Rocky Mountain peaks, and annual Canadian fishing trip for over 40+ years. 


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Suite 101
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