Estate Planning at Different Stages of Life

By Kevin Reardon CFP® Different Life Stages Require Different Types of Estate Planning When I started my career, there was an overriding belief that Estate Planning was just for ‘rich people.’ As the years progressed, the industry recognized that ‘old people’ are prime candidates for planning too.  I could write a satirically funny article on how…

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Retirement Spending: There are Trade-Offs

By Kevin Reardon CFP® You have worked your whole life, saved well, and are ready to retire.  It’s important to know how much you can pull from your assets during retirement and not outlive your money.  Let’s focus on the reality and tradeoffs that go with retirement spending planning. If you are physically healthy and financially…

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Top Ten NON-Tax Estate Planning Tips

Top 10 Estate Planning Tips

By Brian Ellenbecker CFP®, EA®, CPWA®, CIMA®, CLTC®   Historically, planning to avoid paying estate tax when you pass away was a top-priority discussion for many families.  However, estate taxes currently apply only if you have an estate worth more than $11.7 million (and twice that if you are married). Obviously, that means most people…

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Guest Blog – 5 Gift Options for Tax Savvy Charitable Planning

5 Gift Options For Tax Savvy Charitable Planning

      By Lauren Iwema, CAP®, Senior Advisor, Charitable Estate Planning for the American Heart Association Maybe you’re charitably minded or perhaps you have a tax situation such as a high-income year from selling a business or property? Then consider five ways to make a charitable gift. One thing is clear in working with…

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