Overview of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Pension

Written By: Ryan Rink CFP®, ChFC®, CLTC® The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) pension is one of the top funded and managed public pension plans in the United States. We often find that many clients with a WRS pension know they have a pension benefit, but don’t quite understand how it works. Below are answers to some…

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How to Handle ‘Leftover’ 529 Balances

How To Handle 'Leftover' 529 Balances

By Ryan Rink CFP®, ChFC®, CLTC®   How to Handle ‘Leftover’ 529 Balances 529 plans are one of the best savings vehicles for college.  However, deciding on the right amount to save to a 529 plan can be challenging.  The actual cost of college can depend on a variety of factors, such as if the child…

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Guest Blog – 5 Gift Options for Tax Savvy Charitable Planning

5 Gift Options For Tax Savvy Charitable Planning

      By Lauren Iwema, CAP®, Senior Advisor, Charitable Estate Planning for the American Heart Association Maybe you’re charitably minded or perhaps you have a tax situation such as a high-income year from selling a business or property? Then consider five ways to make a charitable gift. One thing is clear in working with…

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