Tip of the Month | July 2022

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529 Contribution Deadlines Written By: Ryan Rink, CFP® Many states offer tax benefits for those who contribute to 529 education accounts. For example, if you are a Wisconsin taxpayer, your contributions to a state-sponsored 529 plan (either Edvest or Tomorrow’s Scholar) may be deducted from state taxable income up to a maximum of $3,560 per beneficiary for the 2022…

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Year-End Planning Reminders

Year End Planning Reminders

Year-End Financial Planning Reminders By Brian Ellenbecker CFP®, EA®, CPWA®, CIMA®, CLTC® As we approach the end of the year, now can be a good time to make some last-minute planning moves. Position yourself to start 2022 off on a good financial note. Congress is currently debating the Build Back Better Act. To pay for infrastructure bills…

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