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Need to Deposit Checks Into Your Schwab Account?

Written ByAndrea Bulen, CFP®

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Schwab has created a more efficient way to deposit checks into your Schwab account. You’ll simply need to download the Schwab Mobile App on your smart phone or tablet.  Give us a call if you need help finding the application.

Once you are logged into the Schwab Application on your device:

1) Make sure your check is endorsed.

2) From the Summary screen, tap the three dots on the bottom menu.

3) Tap the “Deposit” option.

4) Select the account to deposit the check into.

5) Enter the amount of your deposit.

6) Take pictures of the front and back of the check as prompted.

7) Review the information and then submit by tapping “Deposit”.

Note: After confirming your deposit has been made, Schwab recommends that you retain your checks for 14 days after the check is posted for your account and then the check can be shredded.

Learn even more details from Schwab.com/Schwab-mobile-deposit.